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Posted by Hannah Woehrle on May 22, 2020 2:39:22 PM

Gather is home to professionals in a variety of different fields - that’s the beauty of coworking. From Fortune 500 companies to Start - Ups, Gather is equipped to meet all kinds of business needs. One specific field of professionals that thrives in our spaces is lawyers. The security, confidentiality, convenience and professionalism of Gather make it easy for lawyers to comfortably and confidently practice out of our spaces.


All Gather offices come with a set of keys for members to lock their doors and the provided filing cabinets. In addition, nearly every Gather location has custom suite opportunities that include the option for additional security measures. All of our locations are outfitted with Proxy readers. This means that the majority of offices are located behind locked doors that only our members have access to.


When disposing of confidential documents, members have access to shred boxes, which are handled by ProShred. ProShred comes and shreds on-site, so those documents never leave Gather. Community Managers are also available to sign for packages and certified mail, which is then placed in our secure mailrooms. 


We know that convenience is paramount. All members have 24/7 access to all of our locations, meaning you can meet clients where they are, and when they're available. This also means you can set up shop in close proximity to courthouses and the Virginia State Capitol. Each Gather location has a range of conference rooms that members have access to. Whether you need to quickly meet with a client, join a video conference call, or use multiple rooms for depositions, we’ve got you covered. If that’s not enough convenience for you, many of our Community Managers are certified notaries, so you can get your notarizations done without hassle.


Of course, the importance of professionalism can’t be forgotten. When moving to a shared workspace from a more traditional setup, the atmosphere may be a concern, but it shouldn’t be. Not only are Gather spaces beautiful and welcoming, but your Community Managers will be available at the front desk to greet your guests, offer them coffee, and let you know that they’ve arrived. Our partnership with Puritan Cleaners also allows you to stay looking sharp while you're on the go.


Are you a lawyer looking for space? Look no further! Come see for yourself all that Gather has to offer, and book a tour today!

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