Five Reasons to Work from Gather Rather than Working From Home

Posted by Doug & Polly White on Aug 17, 2020 9:48:20 AM

The pandemic has forced many employees to work from home. As some return to the office, many people will be given the opportunity to continue to work remotely. Working from home is one option, but a Gather membership may be more advantageous. Here are five reasons working from Gather beats working from home:

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  1. Productivity – For most people working from home is full of distractions. There is a spouse, children, or pets that want attention. How many Zoom meetings have you been on recently that were interrupted by a noisy child, a barking dog, or a crying cat?

    Home has numerous little chores that are continuously calling out to you—the load of laundry that needs to be started, the dishwasher that needs to be loaded or unloaded, the grass that needs to be cut, or the dinner that needs to be started. Then there are all of the interruptions—the solicitor at the door, the personal phone call on your landline, or the delivery for which you have been waiting. Oh, and there’s that television that never seems to get turned off.

    For many, it can be difficult or impossible to put their heads down and crank out work. Gather removes all of those distractions. Without them, your personal productivity soars. Most Gather members who come to us after working from home report massive improvements. It’s no wonder. Just 10 minutes a day of improved efficiency is a full 40 hour week of additional worktime over the course of a year.

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  1. Gather Community – Working from home can be a lonely and desolate pursuit. Many people quickly find themselves longing for the company of colleagues. While you can close your office door and get work done at Gather, when you step out for a cup of coffee, there will be other coworkers with whom you can connect. As a Gather member, you’ll be invited to many networking and social events. You’ll make connections. Friendships are formed. Business gets passed. Collaboration happens. One couple who met at Gather even got married!

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  1. Professionalism – Clients or customers don’t always want to meet at their office. Meeting at a Panera Bread, a Starbucks, or in your living room just doesn’t convey the professionalism you want and need. At Gather, you'll have access to multiple conference rooms of varying sizes with professional quality audio visual equipment. You’ll also have a business address rather than a residential address. Gather’s Community Managers will receive your mail and your packages—no more missing a delivery because you weren’t there to sign for it. Our Community Managers will also greet your guests and announce them. It’s a very professional environment that will make you and your organization look good.

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  1. Amenities – Gather offers amenities that are all included with your membership. Our Community Managers brew locally roasted coffee, make fruit infused water, and keep the dishes stocked for you. They also open the complementary taps pouring local craft beer at 4:00 each workday. Other amenities you may not have at home include sound studios, high speed internet access, on sight notary public services, high quality color printing/scanning/copying, and professional shredding for sensitive documents. Best of all, when the technology or the building needs repair, it’s our problem, not yours.


  1. Reciprocity – Gather currently has six locations—Arts District in downtown Richmond, Scott’s Addition, Short Pump, Norfolk, Newport News, and Virginia Beach. We will be opening Midlothian at the end of the year. When you are a member of any Gather location, you have 24/7/365 access to all Gathers. You can sit in the coworking space or reserve a conference room at any location you choose.

    Gather’s reciprocity is like having multiple offices spread around the region.

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Working remotely will be an option for many more people than in the past. For most, working remotely from a Gather is a far superior option when compared to working from home. Check us out today!

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