The Benefits of Coworking Spaces For Students

Posted by Gather on Jun 15, 2021 12:00:00 PM

Classes have moved towards online methods. Remote education has become the new norm for students in Virginia and around the world. It can be difficult to balance all of the changes and we’re here to help with that. Here’s how!

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Extinguish Distractions

Distractions often come with online learning. When doing work from home, there’s so many things that can break your focus and distract you from the task at hand. Take working from home for example. This can cause shifting priorities and create interruptions that take you from your work. And to add to that, the other distractions from people within your household. To counter these interruptions, Gather provides a variety of options of settings that best suit your needs. 

In need of inspiration? Work from the coworking cafe. In need of privacy? Use a phone booth or a dedicated office space. However you work best, there is a place for you at Gather to use to the fullest.

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Establish Your Network

While in school, it can be tough to begin building your professional network. Many students are used to the daily routine of attending classes and doing homework. Some may have taken the first steps to get an internship, obtain a leadership position, or even create a small business of their own. For many, the options can feel overwhelming with no clear direction. Explore the new opportunities that are available to you when you attend our networking events and meet other members in the Gather coworking cafe. The possibilities are endless.

Extend your vision beyond student-life and start establishing your network at Gather coworking and office spaces. You’ll be glad you did.

Work on Your Time

Gather coworking spaces equip you with 24/7 access, ensuring you are able to work when you’re most productive. Some students may work well during the day, but between classes, a part-time job, and life, it can be hard to set dedicated hours during the day to focus on projects and homework. 

Be in charge of your schedule with our help.

Jump Start Your Career

We can help you with jumpstarting your career. You are able to interact with many different types of people and learn from the interactions happening around you. You’ll begin to pick up on the professional habits of those around you and be able to fine-tune your skills and drive concentration. With these tools, you’ll be well on your way to developing your desired career.

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Boost Your Motivation

To perform at your best, you’ll need a motivating space to get work done. It can’t be stressed enough, how much your environment affects your mood. Instead of spending your time in a monotonous and unstimulating workspace that doesn’t maximize your productivity, switch it up with Gather. Our amenities and clean, well-thought-out office designs strengthen your ability to concentrate on your next big project or test. 

Our spaces are filled with artwork, plants, and other stimulating concepts to wake up your creativity and engage your mind.

Coworking Spaces for Students in Virginia

If you’re a student looking for coworking spaces in Richmond, VA or Hampton Roads, VA, take a tour of Gather today. We have 7 locations with reciprocity, meaning you have the freedom and flexibility to use any location with your membership. 

At Gather, we understand that student-life can be a balancing act. Book your tour today to find out how our office spaces can help you succeed.

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