Safe Place to Work

Protecting the health and safety of our members

We've really missed seeing a lot of you in the space and we look forward to your coming back in a safe manner when the time is right for you. As you contemplate your next steps, we wanted to make you aware of some changes that have come and will be coming to Gather.

Protecting the health and safety of our members, their guests, and our staff is of paramount importance to Gather’s leadership team.

We will accomplish this in two ways:

1. Gather has made a significant number of changes that are outlined below.

2. In addition, we are requesting that our members, support this effort by following a number of guidelines. 

Our Safety Measures Include:

Cleanliness Measures

Cleanliness Measures

Layout of Our Spaces

Layout of Our Spaces

New Behavioral Patterns

New Behavioral Patterns

Actions we are taking to ensure that Gather is a safe place to work include:

Reducing airborne disease transmission

  • We have installed 950 CADR H13 HEPA air purifiers in all Gather work cafés. These medical grade air scrubbers remove viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust mites, mold, and many other harmful elements. They filter the air in a typical 5,000 square foot space once per hour. All of Gather’s work cafés are smaller than that. Therefore, the air will be filtered more frequently than once per hour. 
  • All HVAC systems in Gather locations blow air from above toward the floor. This type of system is preferable because it moves undesirable elements in the air toward the floor rather than keeping them suspended in the air people breathe (which would be the case if the HVAC system blew air from the floor up).
  • We are ordering sneeze and cough guards where needed (particularly in the dedicated desk areas). 
  • Masks do not need to be worn when you are:
    • In an office by yourself
    • In a phone booth
    • Stationary, working quietly and social distanced in the work café 
  • Masks should be worn when you are: 
    • Moving around a Gather space
    • Talking on a phone outside of a phone booth
    • Speaking with other Gather members or staff in the work café
  • Mask usage will be left to the discretion of the group when you are:
    • In an office with multiple people
    • In a conference room with multiple people

Gather Community Managers have masks available for anyone who does not have one.


Sanitizing hands and surfaces

  • Multiple free standing, touchless hand sanitizing stations have been installed in each Gather location.
  • Cleaning stations have been put near each conference room and phone booth to enable members to sanitize these spaces prior to use. The cleaning stations have paper towels and spray bottles containing a solution that kills viruses. 
  • We have put in a 10 minute buffer between times that conference rooms can be scheduled to allow people time to sanitize the space prior to using it.
  • Community Managers are wiping down frequently touched surfaces with a virucide multiple times each workday.
  • We have asked our cleaning crew to exercise extra care when cleaning surfaces in our spaces nightly.


Reducing the need to touch surfaces in common areas

  • Doors are being propped open, wherever feasible, to reduce the number of surfaces members and their guests need to touch as they move around and through the space.
  • Where feasible, we have installed foot operated door openers so that people will not have to grab handles to open doors.
  • In the work cafés, the dishwasher that is accepting dirty dishes will be left open. This makes it clear where dirty dishes are to be placed and eliminates the need for each person putting dishes in the dishwasher to grab the handle.
  • In the work cafés, to improve sanitation, we are offering:
    • Individually packaged creamers, stirrers and sugar packets.
    • Single use, biodegradable plates, cups and utensils, for those wishing to use them (our normal kitchenware will also be available for those who prefer to use it).


Enabling social distancing

  • To facilitate safe social distancing, approximately half of the seats have been removed from the work cafés. Signs have been installed indicating where people should and should not sit.
  • We are capping occupancy of conference rooms to enable recommended social distancing while meeting in these spaces.
  • Until we receive different guidance from the Governor’s office, we will cap the number of members and guests in any one area of a Gather space to
    • 50 members and guests in Hampton Roads locations
    • 250 members and guests in Richmond locations.
  • We have declared Gather to be a hug and handshake free zone. It will remain so until the crisis passes.
  • Tape has been placed on the floor:
    • In some locations it shows where to stand for safe social distancing (e.g., in front of reception desks).
    • In other cases it indicates the direction of foot traffic (using arrows) so that members can maintain safe social distancing and not pass too closely to one another.
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Obviously, the world in which we live is changing rapidly and we are navigating uncharted waters. At Gather, we are doing our absolute best to chart a path forward that will allow our members to be as safe as reasonably possible and productive at the same time. We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to understand what works, what doesn’t, and to make the appropriate adjustments. We are excited by the prospect of seeing you in a Gather space in the not too distant future.

Regards, James Crenshaw, Polly White, and Doug White