Gather's Guide to Mindful Work: Enhancing Productivity and Well-Being

Posted by James Crenshaw on Jun 3, 2024 2:15:41 PM

Remote working mindfulness is about keeping a keen, moment-to-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment through a gentle, nurturing lens. This isn't just fancy talk; it’s a way to boost your productivity, reduce stress, and, let’s be honest, not lose your marbles at work. This post will help remote workers right their wellness ship to improve productivity and overall well-being for the long haul.


Simple Wellness Habits for Enhanced Productivity

Adhering to digital wellness gurus’ latest and greatest productivity hacks can feel like a job in and of itself. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the article “10 Mindfulness Techniques to Practice at Work” shows how implementing a few simple, scientifically-proven techniques is enough to yield surprising improvements. Here are our favorites:


  • Begin Your Day with Intention: Start your day by setting an intention. Write it down or repeat it like a mantra. Something like, "I will not let the passive-aggressive Slack comments ruin my vibe today."
  • Discover Meaningful in the Mundane: Not all work excites. Yet all work has meaning. If the project you’re working on feels as dull as watching paint dry, you’re overlooking the small meaningful moments. Jot down those points and any moments that make you feel alive as reminders.
  • Meditation & Stretch Breaks: Feeling overwhelmed? Meditate or stretch it out! Sneak in a quick 10-minute session to clear your mind and loosen those joints. Don’t have access to a quiet space? Most of our seven Gather Workspaces locations throughout Virginia come equipped with meditation rooms, work nooks, outdoor workspaces, plenty of natural light, and nature-infused design to maximize mindfulness efforts.
  • Lunch is for Eating: Take your lunch break seriously. Don’t work through it. Disconnect, eat, savor your food, and connect with a coworker (difficult if you’re working from home, easy if you’re eating out one of Gather’s communal kitchens, stocked with free tea, coffee, fruit-infused water, kitchenware and cooking appliances). The work will be there when you’re finished.
  • End Your Day Writing Down Your Accomplishments: End your day on a high note by listing what you’ve achieved without guilting yourself over what you left undone. The list will be waiting for you tomorrow as a reminder of what you’ve accomplished the day before, encouraging you to seize the new workday.


By embracing these simple wellness habits, you're already on your way to a more productive, less frazzled work life. Now, let’s turn your attention to something equally important: your workspace.

How Workspace Design Can Make or Break Your Wellness

The physical setup of your workspace can significantly swing your mental health meter. In fact, according to a comprehensive review by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of twenty-seven workspace and productivity studies, “The functionality of the home workspace, including the adequacy of space and necessary equipment, is crucial for maintaining mental health and work-life balance.” Here are a few key takeaways from the review:


  • Workspace Size & Diversity Matters: Size isn't just important in real estate; it's critical for your mental health when working remotely. Those lucky enough to sprawl out in a large, dedicated workspace reported fewer mental setbacks. On the flip side, those squeezed into a cramped corner reported more stress and burnout than those working in spacious, more diverse workspaces (did we mention that our Gather Workspaces in Virginia offers large and small offices, workspaces, conference rooms and areas, and decks?).
  • Let There Be Light... and Air: The review also shines a light on, well, light. Both natural and artificial light have their parts to play. Employees basking in natural light tend to fight off the work-from-home blues better than those stuck under harsh, artificial glare. And don’t even get us started on air quality. Poor ventilation might as well be a recipe for disaster. It’s linked to everything from sleepless nights to afternoon slumps. A breath of fresh air isn't just a saying – it's a necessity, which is why we designed our seven Gather Workspaces coworking locations to infuse plenty of fresh air and natural light into every workday experience.
  • The Greener, the Better: Adding greenery to your view or even a few potted plants is shown to boost mood. It's like giving your workspace a mini-makeover that not only pleases the eye but also calms the mind, which is why we designed all seven of our Gather Workspace locations throughout Richmond and Newport News with pro-green interiors. Plants + space + warm colors + extra light = extra warm and wellness feelings.


Can Coworking Boost Productivity and Well-Being?

According to the article “Coworking: Increased Income, Improved Work Quality and Greater Collaboration are Biggest Benefits,” the answer is a resounding yes! Consider the following:


  • 45% of coworkers reported improved mental health––not too shabby for a day’s work.
  • 47% of coworkers noted a meteoric rise in their work quality and collaboration.
  • 50% of coworkers claim their wallet’s gotten fatter since ditching the home office or more traditional office spaces, with nearly as many boasting beefed-up business skills, a spike in work quality, and amped-up collaboration.


We’re not blowing smoke here, folks – coworking is a proven solution to improving remote working well-being and productivity. That said, not all coworking spaces are created equal, nor are all coworking spaces designed with wellness in mind. You’re searching for the right coworking solution that fits your individual or team needs. Try to pinpoint what these are before you begin your search. 


Living the best work life isn’t just about what you do; it’s about where and how you do it. From setting daily intentions that keep the digital drama at bay to stretching out in a workspace that feels more ‘zen garden’ than ‘cubicle farm,’ these strategies aren’t just game-changers—they’re life savers.


If you’re struggling with remote working woes in Virginia, why not see if Gather Workspaces can be your new productivity playground? Imagine trading that makeshift desk (a.k.a. your kitchen table or cramped office) for a spot in a sleek, sunlit office or workspace that’s all about boosting your workflow and wellness. Drop by one of our locations and see how a fresh workspace can freshen up your workday.


Don’t just take our word for it; come see for yourself how Gather can elevate your work-from-home game to work-from-wow. Your best workday awaits!