Traditional Office Space Vs. Shared Office Space in Hampton Roads, VA

Posted by Gather on Apr 19, 2021 2:00:00 PM

It should come as no surprise that coworking and shared office space is gaining popularity in the US. From startups to small businesses to enterprise teams, shared office space offers many advantages over traditional office space.

On average, people spend more than 45% of their time with their coworkers in an office setting making it their second home. As a result, the workplace has become part of our lifestyle - the environment, culture and energy of the space ultimately affecting our mood, focus, and productivity. Here is where coworking and shared office space really excels.

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What Defines a Coworking/Shared Office Space?

As the name suggests, coworking and shared office space, whether in Hampton Roads VA or elsewhere, is a work environment shared by many businesses. On the flip side, traditional office space is typically either leased or owned by a single company. 

Furthermore, coworking/shared office space does not limit your business to a single dedicated area. In fact, you have the option to secure a membership for an office space or dedicated desk within the larger shared community or simply work in the open community areas.

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How Does Shared Office Space Measure Up Against the Traditional Office?  

For businesses looking for flexibility to grow and thrive, coworking and shared office space fosters productivity, allowing businesses to focus on what they do really well and leave the worry of amenities such as conference rooms, printing needs, coffee and refreshments, and more to the dedicated community staff. In comparison, traditional office space tends to support a more individual type of  productivity through its reliance on individual cubicle and office spaces. While that can be effective, shared office spaces have found a way to combine the two environments, thus, eliminating barriers of communication, while also encouraging the power of individual productivity.

What Kind of Office Space Does Your Company Need?

Bottom line, office space needs to work for your business. So ask yourself; will my company prosper from the energy of open office space combined with the privacy of closed space? How important are referrals and the connection to other businesses and their teams? Does my current office space provide outlets for my team to be social when they want to be?  

Leverage Coworking Space in Hampton Roads VA

Choosing the right coworking space in Hampton Roads VA for your company can make all the difference in your team and business’s ultimate success. At Gather we understand this and are here to help your business expand or plant their roots in Virginia.

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