Private Offices: When To Upgrade from a Shared Workspace

Posted by James Crenshaw on Feb 7, 2024 1:49:58 PM

Every business, no matter its size or sector, needs to be in a constant state of evolution in order to continue growing and sustaining itself. Starting in a coworking space often provides the flexibility and community support that solo entrepreneurs and startups need. 


A shared workspace, like our coworking spaces in Richmond, fosters collaboration, provides essential amenities, and eliminates the hassle of managing a full-fledged office. However, as your business grows, so do your needs. 


Over time, you might find that your business requires a more dedicated, private space where you can begin building a team and expanding your offerings to your clients and customers. Fortunately, many coworking spaces also offer private offices that can accommodate either a growing solopreneurship or a team of professionals. 


If you are wondering if you are ready to upgrade to private offices, this guide is for you. Today, we’ll cover some signs to help you know if you are ready to make the jump from a shared workspace to one that is 100% your own. 

1: Team Growth 

One of the clearest indicators that it’s time to consider a shift to more exclusive private offices is the growth of your team. Shared workspaces are exceptionally suited for solo professionals or teams with a limited number of members.


In these environments, individuals can easily communicate and collaborate without many hurdles. However, as you bring more people on board, the dynamics change.


Private office space offers a solution to these challenges. With a dedicated space, your team can sit together, which simplifies interactions. There's no need to search for a colleague or to build your meeting schedule around a communal conference room’s availability. Everything and everyone is within reach. 


This centralized setup not only streamlines communication but also boosts team morale. When everyone is together, it's easier to maintain a unified team spirit, share achievements, and provide support during challenging times. In essence, a private office becomes a hub for your growing team, ensuring smoother operations and a stronger sense of unity.

2: You’re Interacting More with Your Clients 

The growth of your client or customer base is a positive indicator of your business's success. However, with this growth comes increased responsibilities and demands. One such demand is the requirement for more private and focused discussions. 


As you collaborate with more clients or customers, the frequency of meetings, presentations, and confidential discussions will naturally increase. These are not just regular meetings but crucial interactions that can influence business decisions, partnerships, and future growth opportunities. 


In a more open-concept work area, some discussions may not be suitable, especially if they concern private subject matter like intellectual property or financial, legal, and medical information. If these topics become a part of regular discourse with leads and customers, it may be time to move into a quieter, dedicated work environment. 

3: You Have an Increased Need for Privacy and Security 

While professional shared workspaces like ours at Gather prioritize security and privacy for workers, there may be situations where you need an extra layer of confidentiality. 


For example, if you are a lawyer using a coworking space as your office, you may decide that you need private offices to maintain confidentiality with your clients. That’s completely understandable, and you should be able to have these discussions, internally and externally, with the utmost confidence. 

4: You Want Increased Branding and Personalization 

A brand isn't just a logo or a tagline; it's a reflection of a business's ethos, values, and vision. Establishing a strong brand identity is like laying down the foundation for a building; it provides stability and direction as the business scales up. A well-defined brand can set a company apart from its competitors, create trust with its audience, and drive growth.


As your business progresses and achieves milestones, the desire to emphasize and highlight your brand becomes more pronounced. It's not just about recognition but about creating a lasting impression in the minds of your clients, partners, and even employees. This is where the environment in which you operate plays a crucial role.


Your private office is your canvas to begin cultivating a stronger brand identity that grows with the business itself.  For example, as the CEO, you may want to have your company logo prominently displayed on the wall behind your desk when you are having calls with your leads and customers. 

Why Upgrade to Private Offices in a Coworking Space? 

While traditional office setups have their merits, the rise of coworking spaces has ushered in a new era of flexibility and collaboration. But what if you could combine the best of both worlds? This is where private offices within a coworking space come into play.


Here are some of the main reasons why you may want to lease private offices in a coworking space: 


  • Blending Privacy with Collaboration: While your team can enjoy a dedicated space to focus on tasks and hold confidential meetings, they're still a door away from a vibrant community of professionals and businesses. 


  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Private offices within coworking spaces often come furnished and equipped with essential amenities, all without the traditional overhead of traditional leases or commercial property ownership. 


  • Flexibility: Coworking spaces often offer flexible lease terms. As your team grows or downsizes, transitioning to a larger or smaller office within the same space is often more straightforward than relocating entirely.


  • Access to Amenities: You can continue accessing community amenities, helping save on equipment and materials costs that otherwise may become significant financial burdens on your business if you furnish the costs in-house.

  • Continued Community: Transitioning from a shared workspace to a private office means that you can stay connected to the same community of professionals that you’ve already enjoyed interacting and collaborating with. 

Get Affordable Private Offices for Your Virginia Business

At Gather Workspaces, we provide professionals operating businesses of all sizes with cost-effective, flexible, and scalable workspace solutions. Whether you’re a solopreneur looking to get out of the home office, a growing business looking for more space, or you’re ready to go from growth-mode to scaling, we can provide the space that you need to meet these goals. 

To learn more about our Virginia coworking spaces in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas, schedule time to take a tour with us today.

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