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Coworking around the world to

Coworking in Richmond:

Introducing Matt Elliott


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Matt Elliott, a new Coworker at our Scott's Addition location has been chatting with us about a myriad of coworking spaces he's been to during his travels around the globe.




Matt is a Product Owner at Infobelt, an electronic data archiving and governance platform; a platform that "helps ensure regulatory compliance, reduces the risk of litigation, and tightens data security and control" ( 




"Matt has been a great addition to Scott's Addition. Matt is a great person to talk to when you need a break from your work.  " -Senior Community Manager, Jon Greenhill and Community Manager, Edie Bethke


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We were so intrigued by his thoughts and insights that we asked him to put pen to paper and give us his thoughts on Gather


Check out Matt's piece below! 

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"Gathering Thoughts From a New Member" 

By Matt Elliott


In a world full of decisions and trade-offs Gather strikes a balance.

My company has been evaluating coworking and office spaces in a number of international cities to host our new employees.  There is a wide-range of co-working communities out there from sheds with no air conditioning to spaces resembling daycares to expensive spaces suitable only to the extremely successful.

One has to consider several factors when choosing a work space, including:

  • Does the space have all the amenities needed to conduct business?
  • Would I be proud to invite my clients to the space?
  • Can I be productive in the space?
  • Am I a good fit with the community?
  • Is there a good opportunity for networking and/or friend making?

As the only employee of my company in Richmond, I decided to get out of the house and into a coworking space.  I chose Gather over other Richmond coworking communities due to the following:

  • Space suitable for professionals from entry-level to executive
  • Coworking area is fresh and visually appealing without being distracting
  • Active & fun community
  • Regular events
  • Suitable area for my computer set-up
  • A good fit for me, from a productivity and enjoyment standpoint
  • Easily accessible – 5 minute drive from my house, bike-able when the weather is nice.

Gather is a great place for getting work done and having fun.


Come visit Matt and the rest of our awesome coworkers at one of our three Richmond locations today.




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