How Gather's Shared Office Space Enhances Employee Engagement

Posted by Gather on Mar 29, 2022 10:24:50 AM

“According to Alex Pentland, Ph.D., author of Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World, allowing and encouraging workers to socialize with one another boosts both engagement and productivity” (Happy Brain Science, 2022).  While it is true that employees can potentially socialize in traditional offices, as pointed out in the Harvard Business Review, employees often feel as though they are expected to socialize with their coworkers when everyone in the office works for the same company. You’re probably aware of this feeling, right? 


The “obligatory nature” of the experience might make it feel forced. However, at a coworking space, people don’t socialize because their HR manager has told them it’s important for all coworkers to feel like “members of a family.” Simply put, people want to socialize when they want to.


Here at Gather, we pride ourselves in providing the perfect workspace environment that bolsters productivity and manifests greatness for our members. We get how important it is to find the right amount of space for your team, while having access to awesome amenities and resources to maximize your team’s efforts that make them look forward to coming to work every day. This is why shared office space at Gather is so successful.


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To start, each of our seven Gather locations are run by our awesome Community Managers. Their genuine care and attention to detail is how we are able to provide only the best for our members, who value the Community Managers and what they offer for each unique location.


If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to ask! Our Community Managers make introductions between our members, and really get to know and understand each one. Whether it is based on personal interests, hobbies, skill sets, or business needs, they truly know each member. This is what allows Gather to offer exciting and engaging community activities for our members to partake in. In turn, this saves you and your team time and money from having to plan events separately.


Community engagement brings together a wide range of members from various groups of businesses and people. This allows you and your employees to make connections with others, which can really foster a great culture. At Gather, we believe that someone who is actively engaged is more likely to produce their best work and exhibit higher levels of creativity.


At each Gather location, you will find that our Community Managers host unique events for our members to enjoy, and our events are designed with you, your team, and our community in mind! From office plant propagation workshops to Food Truck Fridays and Cookie Wednesdays, you will find something to your enjoyment that will make you look forward to the workweek. Most of our events are free and included in your membership. 


Have a question on what events are coming up? Ask your Community Manager for details or go online to contact us today!


Each of our Gather communities have their very own messaging system that connects you with other members to continue the conversations and dialogue. From in person to online via Slack channels, Gather offers multiple opportunities to foster engagement within our community. 


Another unique feature of our Gather locations goes back to the amount of detail and thoughtfulness we put into each of our communities. Every location was designed strategically with one coffee station. This allows you the chance to encounter another member of the community that you may have never crossed paths with before, all while enjoying our great-tasting, local coffee. How special is that?


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Across the board, Gather’s communities offer other amenities like high - speed internet, printing, and access 24/7. No matter where your business needs take you, Gather provides you with the right space and tools to impress your clients or guests, wherever it is convenient for your schedule. We also provide fresh fruit water, and beer on tap daily after 4 pm! 


At Gather, we believe in creating purposeful environments where members feel inspired to act and empowered to achieve. At the same time, we also encourage privacy, when necessary, by offering reservable conference rooms and phone booths. We provide our members with the flexibility of open space to meet someone new everyday while also being able to interact with the same people to develop close-knit relationships to help your team and business thrive. 


Life is connected by the moments we share, and why Gather takes care of the details, so you can do what you do best. Gather has 7 office spaces in Richmond, VA and Hampton Roads, VA. 


If you are considering one of our coworking spaces, go ahead and check out our location pages below to learn more about which Gather location best suits you and your business needs!

Prefer to see the space before signing up? Book a tour with us!

  1. Gather Arts District in Downtown Richmond
  2. Gather Midlothian
  3. Gather Short Pump
  4. Gather Scott’s Addition
  5. Gather Newport News
  6. Gather Norfolk
  7. Gather Virginia Beach

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