Gather Says: Be Prepared to Deliver on a Human-Centric Approach to Employment

Posted by Gather on Nov 14, 2022 10:49:10 AM

There's no need for Great Resignation; we need "Great Reflection." Work and people are in a trivial state, requiring a shift in employer assumptions. 

Millions of workers in the U.S. voluntarily left their jobs this past year, and there’s plenty more to come. The drivers of attrition are many but employers are having to learn about the new demands and motivations of their employees. It’s no longer enough to pay our employees well and provide them a career path; they seek to work for a business that respects their well-being and that matches their values.



We’re sure you’ve witnessed it yourself; companies are doing whatever they can with their current resources to make adjustments to their work-life model. However, to solve what is becoming a long-term systemic issue, it's not enough to throw a bandaid over it with short-term reactionary tactics. 

Gartner surveyed more than 3,500 employees around the world in October 2021, and 65% said the pandemic had made them rethink the place that works should have in their life.

Any employer should be concerned about such a statement.


Give employees what they want because these new motivators are here to stay.

More and more people are reflecting on their lives and asking themselves, "What makes me happy?" What fulfills me? In what areas have I given too much of myself away for little return?”

Pay will always be a factor, more so in certain situations, however, people are most motivated when they feel valued and can create an impact. According to research, people want to feel valued, trusted, and empowered, and to feel acknowledged and given growth opportunities. People want purpose in their lives — and that includes work. The more an employer limits those things, the higher the employee’s intent to leave. And, employees are considering that balance now more than ever. 

The era of the employment contract, when a worker provided services purely in exchange for monetary compensation, is over. 


What does it mean to implement a "Human-Centric" approach to employment? 

Research shows us that a more human-centric approach to employment, providing employees with more control over their work and environment, is the new norm. The result is that employers must rethink their hybrid work models, making them more human-centric rather than location-centric, and making them flexible so as to balance personal needs with autonomy.


Why is Gather workspaces so deeply invested in learning more about the human-centric approach to employment?

Well, it’s our job at Gather to understand people and what motivates them to work. We want to be ahead of the curve and make sure we provide businesses with the tools and resources to build sustainable teams. In the same way that you are growing and learning about how to better align with your employees, Gather is always working to improve its amenities, offerings, and value-added services. We understand these new motivators. As a result, our workspace solutions are suitable for independent contractors, remote employees, and large organizations looking to expand their employment workforce and provide flexible amenities for their employees. 

Learning what motivates employees and offering them work opportunities based on those motivators pays dividends. Being able to work remotely has been shown to be a big motivating factor in recent years. At Gather, our multiple locations, give businesses the flexibility to work from a location that may be more convenient to them.

Our coworking spaces are specifically designed to allow employees to take a break from work when needed. From our coffee stations to our happy hours, there are always opportunities to step away from the day-to-day and connect with other community members or simply sit back and relax and regain energy from a high-impact workday. 

If you are looking for a new workspace for your team or simply for yourself, please come to one of our 7 locations in the Richmond or Hampton Roads area. 


Coworking at Gather

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