Five Years of Gather!

Posted by The Great Big Everything on May 2, 2019 9:58:31 AM


We just celebrated five awesome years of coworking in Richmond, VA... So of course a party was in order! We threw down where it all started -- Gather Downtown! Check out this fun photo collection starting with our celebration last week, and from there we'll move on to some fun photos of our original location!


IMG_0481 Y'all let's talk about a SPREAD! Not pictured is the waffle bar and the drinks room -- that's right, a whole room dedicated to you getting your libation.




IMG_4965 Gather Scott's Addition Community Managers Caren Cowley and Edie Bethke!



IMG_4994 Erstwhile Scott's Addition Community Manager, Serena Fulton


IMG_4988 Prabir Mehta's striking a ferocious pose with Edie photobombing in the background!


IMG_4980 Tom and Mac partying hard!


IMG_4975 Thank you Kate Ayers for bringing ReEstablish Richmond to the Gather family, and thanks you ReEstablish Richmond for helping refugees build roots here in Richmond!


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4 Five years!

The video below is a sweet sound byte of the rock n' roll stylings of Prabir and his friends, their performance made this party such a blast!


Gather Downtown before it was Gather Downtown!


Image may contain: plant and outdoor Fast forward to an official sign, and one of our favorite photos to-date!


10317611_840226509338815_1137866781825900571_o Front lobby of our Downtown location, the floor mat features a typography a little different than what we ultimately ran with!


Longtime (loooong time!) coworker Jay Sandusky!


1498823_960695000625298_2273187509928700580_o (1) A fun photo from our original Gather Spotlight series


1504296_1026020277426103_6952486858771361080_o Another OG coworker Beth Oristian, Gather was so happy to watch her get her Carytown cafe & bakery, Sugar & Twine, off the ground!


1529742_898274946867304_4137013617993869560_o Red Eye Cookies and King of Pops -- what a combo!


1618583_1185757538119042_4536812746544640253_n Holiday parties are always more fun with wacky accessories!


Getting everything lined up and measured out for our first interior Gather sign!


When the UCI Worlds bicycle race went right by our Downtown location on Main St. :)


10321696_840226752672124_2360153731338803323_o One of many fun photos from equally just as many fun parking lot parties we've thrown behind our Downtown location!


Our first sign is almost ready!





S'mores Fest!


10830439_980774645284000_2665203193208729482_o 4 speakers from our erstwhile Makers Series


Nothing out of the ordinary here, folks!




11892138_1121704237857706_738830122049077940_n Gather Downtown's unofficial mascot -- and we don't mean James!









A selfie from the first iteration of our Gather Coffee Break series, with host Kevin Hann and guest Maddie Shiff of Temperpack!


Image may contain: 2 people, shoes and outdoor
Atlas Realty posing just outside our front entrance!


Well, folks, thanks for joining us as we stepped back through the last five years. We're excited to have had five years of being a part of Richmond's productive and professional work culture, and we're so grateful to you for your support over the years. If you'd like to take a tour of our Downtown location, where it all began, go ahead and click this link right here!