5 Occasions When Renting an Office for a Day is a Great Idea

Posted by James Crenshaw on Feb 7, 2024 2:01:04 PM

For many professionals, the modern workspace is no longer fixed to a single location. For many companies, sole proprietors, and freelancers, it’s no longer necessary to carry the expense of a full-time office space. 


However, with the decline in traditional full-time office space rentals, there’s a corresponding rising need for short-term workspace rentals. Fortunately, new coworking spaces and part-time office rentals are popping up around the world to meet this increasing demand. Now, it’s easier than ever to only pay for the space you need, when you need it. 


For many teams and workers, the flexibility to rent an office for a single day at a time is ideal. 

Are you thinking about contracting a dedicated workspace or office unit? Here are five occasions in which a daily office rental is the perfect solution. 

I. Client Meetings and Presentations

When it’s time for a major presentation or an important client meeting, it’s important to meet in a workspace that’s worthy of the occasion. Whether you’re eager to make a good first impression or hoping to close out a big deal, a daily office rental is ideal for setting the scene. 


Along with advantages like high-tech amenities, support services, and catering options, a rented workspace offers a neutral ground for negotiating deals. 

2. Intensive Project Work Sessions

For teams that work primarily from home or in small offices, there’s the occasional need to temporarily upgrade the work environment. Intensive work sessions that may call for a short-term office rental include:

  • Kicking off a major project
  • Completing a series of employee evaluation meetings 
  • Pushing through crunch time before hitting a tight deadline 


Bringing the team together in a high-quality office space brings practical advantages, such as a spacious shared workspace, reliable high-speed internet, and office equipment. For teams that normally work remotely, it’s advantageous to have short-term access to these amenities without needing to purchase and store them. 


Temporary use of a high-quality shared space also brings intangible benefits related to teamwork and focus. Changing one’s physical surroundings is a great technique for sharpening focus. With everyone under one roof and “in the zone”, a team can quickly find a shared spirit of determination and collaboration to push through an intense work session. 

3. Workshops and Training Sessions

For teams that typically work from home or use small office spaces, events like workshops and training sessions require a short-term workspace upgrade. Workspace rentals are also ideal for bringing together separate teams for networking events or co-hosted training sessions. 


Along with providing adaptable spaces for different group sizes, short-term office rentals may offer amenities like presentation tools, kitchen space, and breakout areas for completing group activities. 

4. Remote Team Meetups

For geographically dispersed teams that primarily work from home, face-to-face interactions are rare, but valuable. 


The occasional remote team meetup provides opportunities for strengthening interpersonal connections, boosting morale, and building a company culture. To help remote teams make the most of these special days, high-quality office rentals offer amenities for all-hands meetings and team-building activities. 


Ideally, a remote team meetup occurs in a geographically central location. For far-flung teams, it’s often helpful to rotate among several office space locations to accommodate different team members. 

5. Personal Branding and Networking Opportunities

Occasionally, the strategic use of an attractive office space is helpful for networking and personal branding. Compared to a home office or a coffee shop, a prime office location enhances one’s image and visibility among professional peers. Teams and individuals can schedule meet-and-greets in their office rentals, or informally network with other tenants. 

Office space rentals can even be used for photo shoots, harnessing the benefits of a professional setting for personal image control. 

Rent an Office for a Day in Virginia

For teams and individuals that only require occasional use of a professional workspace, daily office rental is a flexible, cost-efficient solution. Whether it’s an important client meeting or a major project kickoff, there are times when the home office won’t suffice. On those days, it’s ideal to have access to a high-quality space that doesn’t demand full-time rent. 


At Gather, we provide workspace solutions for individual workers, small teams, and large teams. We operate seven locations around Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Newport News. Contact Gather today to schedule a tour or discuss your office rental needs. 

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